Sunday, August 31, 2008

Okey-dokey - here's some more goss on what we've been up to...

A few days after Kieran's birthday we were lucky enough to be invited on a private boat tour of Pearl Harbour and the Arizona memorial. The USS Arizona was one of the battleships that was sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 7 December 1941. But it was only one of several ships sunk and another - the USS Utah - is also still there in the harbour. So the first memorial we sailed past was the Utah Memorial...

We then took a loop around Ford Island, in the centre of the harbour and past the USS Missouri. This battleship wasn't sunk during the attack (I'm not sure it was even built until after the attack), but it was in Japan at the end of the war and it was on the deck of the 'Mighty Mo' that the Japanese surrender was signed. About a decade ago, the ship was relocated to Pearl Harbour and is now a floating museum. We've yet to go there, but it's impressive to sail past...

So our tour stopped off at the Arizona Memorial, which we very pleasantly had to ourself. It's a moving place - 1800 sailors are still in the ship below the memorial - and gentle breezes blow through the open windows of the memorial.

So then we sailed back to the dock, past the USS Bowfin - also known as the Pearl Harbour Avenger. It's another museum at Pearl Harbour we haven't gotten to yet.

The USS Missouri and the Arizona memorial.

The next three shots are just nice photos of Rochelle that Kieran took coz he thinks she's cute. And to prove that she is actually pregnant...

And finally, Kieran got out to play golf last weekend with a visiting Australian and a few guys from work. We played the military golf course near our house - nice spot, hey?? But a gusty wind off the ocean makes for a bloody terrifying drive.

Rochelle is now 35 weeks pregnant - 5 to go (maybe less, which frightens everyone). We've got our first non-work visitors in a few weeks time, then grandparents(!!) coming in October.

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Catchya round!


Friday, August 08, 2008

August - Getting settled in. Finally.

OK - the last month has been madness. But on 31 July we finally moved into our place in Kailua. We now have two cars, two mobile phones, furniture and finally all our stuff from Australia. We've managed to get out a few times, but not much exploring yet. One trip up to the North Shore and one evening on a cruise out along the Waianae (west coast) - other than that it's been work, getting our lives organised... and swimming in the pool!

Due to the vagaries of blogspot, the photos below have come out in more or less random order. Enjoy!

Looking back through the house past our loungeroom to our front door.

Bedroom! And yes, it's at a wierd angle!

Rochelle on a sunset tour up the Waianae coast.

More sunset stuff.

The Waianae mountains along the west coast of Oahu (and some dude)

Kailua Beach - a few minutes walk from our house - at early morning swim time.

This photo is just to prove that Rochelle is still pregnant (although the nextdoor neighbour thinks she's due in March, not October)

Our house - front view!!

And our kinda matching cars... awww. Rochelle has the mummy car.

Pool Photo 1. Taken from the cabana... Honestly.

Rochelle enjoying shave ice on the beach at Haleiwa on the north shore. Nice spot.

Great big fields of nothing on the highway up to the north shore - nice to see some 'country' rather than all the urban space on this island. The mountains in the background are the ones along the west coast that we could see from the cruise...

Coastline along the SE corner of Hawaii - nice views out to the other islands.

Pool Photo 2.

And that's all for the moment... Kieran's working hard - starting early and finishing late. Rochelle's working from home for the moment, which means lunchtime swims and a better office here than back in Canberra (aircon, lotsa desk space, private kitchen... pool out the back - are you reading this David and Peter?)

So life's going to be pretty domestic for the next little while - but it's not a bad spot to do it...