Sunday, August 31, 2008

Okey-dokey - here's some more goss on what we've been up to...

A few days after Kieran's birthday we were lucky enough to be invited on a private boat tour of Pearl Harbour and the Arizona memorial. The USS Arizona was one of the battleships that was sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 7 December 1941. But it was only one of several ships sunk and another - the USS Utah - is also still there in the harbour. So the first memorial we sailed past was the Utah Memorial...

We then took a loop around Ford Island, in the centre of the harbour and past the USS Missouri. This battleship wasn't sunk during the attack (I'm not sure it was even built until after the attack), but it was in Japan at the end of the war and it was on the deck of the 'Mighty Mo' that the Japanese surrender was signed. About a decade ago, the ship was relocated to Pearl Harbour and is now a floating museum. We've yet to go there, but it's impressive to sail past...

So our tour stopped off at the Arizona Memorial, which we very pleasantly had to ourself. It's a moving place - 1800 sailors are still in the ship below the memorial - and gentle breezes blow through the open windows of the memorial.

So then we sailed back to the dock, past the USS Bowfin - also known as the Pearl Harbour Avenger. It's another museum at Pearl Harbour we haven't gotten to yet.

The USS Missouri and the Arizona memorial.

The next three shots are just nice photos of Rochelle that Kieran took coz he thinks she's cute. And to prove that she is actually pregnant...

And finally, Kieran got out to play golf last weekend with a visiting Australian and a few guys from work. We played the military golf course near our house - nice spot, hey?? But a gusty wind off the ocean makes for a bloody terrifying drive.

Rochelle is now 35 weeks pregnant - 5 to go (maybe less, which frightens everyone). We've got our first non-work visitors in a few weeks time, then grandparents(!!) coming in October.

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Catchya round!



At 1:26 AM, Anonymous Chris said...

Oh my god, only 5 weeks to go!!! All the best guys, enjoy the last few weeks of coupledom and sleep ins :-). Looks like you're having a great time in Hawaii. All good here... renos are still going - raaaahhh! But I have a very nice new kitchen that Rochelle you are going to be very jealous of :-)

At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Brian said...

See, Chelle, you can look photogenic when you don't run away from the camera.


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