Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Place

G'day folks

Again, we've let you down by not telling you what we've been up to... Christmas and New Years have come and gone - Rochelle spent hers with family in New Zealand; Kieran spent Xmas with family, bushwalking and mountain-biking in the Blue Mountains, then New Years down the coast with Ju, Dan and others, sweltering in temps up to 47C.

Rochelle arrived back in Oz a week ago, and after house-sitting for a week, we've found a little one bedroom flat in Aranda for the next few months until we find something more permanent. Our address is 38 Bindaga St, Aranda, ACT, 2614. Our phone number here is probably +61 2 6161 4867 and we also now have mobile phones - if you want our numbers, email us on
kieran.oleary(at) or rochelle.ohagan(at) and we'll let you know.

Kieran is back at Defence and actually quite enjoying it, whilst Rochelle is either "between jobs" or "considering her options" or just having a summer holiday. Next week we're down to Tassie for Matt and Ev's (re)wedding celebration near Hobart. After the wedding we might nip up to Freycinet if the weather's good for a bit of beach time.

Anyway, give us a few days to settle in to the new place then come round for dinner - or invite us round... ;-)