Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tourists, turtles and a continuing countdown...

Hiya out there in interweb-land. Haven't had much interesting to write about lately, just everyday work (for Kieran) and sitting around being domestic (for Rochelle). It's now about 8 days til Rochelle's due date, so don't expect anything too exciting out of this blog update. But we have just had our first set of Australian visitors, so there's some shots of them kicking around the place. The next time we have an update it will probably be with some really exciting news... (well, at least for those who like kids)

In the meantime, Rochelle took David and Peter on a tour around the island, visiting the Windward Coast, snorkelling at Hanauma Bay (we'll spare the world the speedos photo. P&D, you owe Rochelle...), sending them off to climb the volcanic peak at Diamond Head, a brief session of the great American pasttime (shopping), then up to the north shore to see some of the best bits of Hawaii. As an added bonus, when we stopped at Haleiwa, there were half a dozen Greenback turtles up on the beach, and probably the same number cruising around in the shallows just off the beach.

Other than that, we went for a very gentle explore today across to the next town up the coast, Kaneohe, to the Valley of the Temples. For reasons that are still vaguely unclear to us, in 1968 Hawaii's Buddhist community decided to build a replica of an 11th Century Japanese temple at the base of the Ko'olau mountains behind Kaneohe. It's a surprisingly serene place, and the 900 year old bell that rings out across the valley is pretty cool too.

Righto, you all have fun out there. We're off to have dinner and continue the countdown...



At 4:23 PM, Blogger sair said...

Hi guys! I hope there are turtles around when we come over too. Will settle for the temple though.... my kind of place.

Still waiting for exciting news...........!!!!!!!!!!



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